University of Riverside

11840 Pierce Street,
Suite 200 Riverside,
CA, 92505

Conference Venue - USA

The University of Riverside was granted Institutional Approval on March 12, 2007 to provide degree programs by the authority of the California Bureau for Private Postsecondary and Vocational Education in accordance with the provisions of California Education Code Section 94900 and/or 94915.

University of Riverside is a private international university located in Southern California. We offer various academic programs, ranging from the Bachelor to the Doctorate through the School of Management.

University of Riverside is committed to success of students desiring to pursue higher education. We recognize that each student is different in their motivation to learn which may affect their commitment to completing their degree. In recognition of this fact, we commit ourselves to student success and assign a mentor to each student while they are enrolled at the University of Riverside.

Our goal is to provide excellence in every aspect of the student’s academic experience. Note the University motto—Strength in Excellence.