Full Paper Guideline

Conference Title
Date @ Location

(Times New Roman, bold, 12 pt, upper case)

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Name of Author, Name of Author, Name of Author,
Affiliation or Country, Affiliation or Country
(Presenting author e-mail: helpdesk@gariteam.com; Corresponding author e-mail: helpdesk@gariteam.com)
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ABSTRACT (Times New Roman, bold, 10pt, italics, upper case, no numbering)

This paper provides instructions for preparing the abstract to be submitted 02nd International Conference on Apparel Textiles and Fashion Design 24th & 25th March 2017.

The abstract should not exceed 250 words.(Text: Times New Roman, 10 pt, Justified, italics)

The abstract should include the research aim or problem, a short description of the research background and methodology, and the key results or findings. There should be a top margin of 2 cm and a bottom, left and right margin of 1.5 cm. The name of the authors should be written in bold letters and the name of the presenting author should be underlined. It is the author's responsibility to submit correct text (spelling, grammar, scientific facts, accuracy and layouts) .

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Keywords: Keyword 1, Keyword 2, Keyword 3 (3-5 keywords)

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General instructions : (Section heading: Times New Roman, bold, 10 pt, no numbering)

The paper should be prepared using ISO A4 paper size (210 x 297 mm) using the Times New Roman (10 pt, justified) font according to the format described in this template. The authors are strongly urged to follow these instructions to ensure the production of uniformly high-quality proceedings. The first paragraph of each section and subsection should not be indented.

Following paragraphs indented 0.5 cm.

There should be a top margin of 2 cm and a bottom, left and right margin of 1.5 cm

The overall length of the paper, including illustrations, tables, and references, should be limited to 2500 – 3000 words (08 pages to 10 pages).

< 01 line spacing before subheading and section heading, no space after heading and subheading>

Pages should be numbered in the page footer, including the first page, as is done here. Papers should be organized in the following sequence:

  • Title of the paper, name(s) of the author(s), affiliation(s)
  • Abstract
  • Keywords
  • Main subject text (Introduction, Literature review, Methodology, Data analysis, Discussion and Conclusion)
  • Acknowledgments (when applicable)
  • References

Bulleted or numbered lists should have hanging indent by 0.5 cm. Avoid using more than two levels in the lists.

Following paragraphs indented 0.5 cm

Footnotes should be avoided. The corresponding text should be incorporated in the main text.

Equations should be typed flush with the left-hand margin and numbered consecutively with numbers in brackets on the right. Leave single spacing above and below equations, like shown in equation

(1). Figures and tables must be included in the main text and must be individually numbered and captioned. Illustrations should be sharp and clear. Place figures and tables centered. Captions should be placed below figures and above tables. They are typed in Times New Roman 10, in italics, and centered . Leave one line before and after tables and figures (see examples below).

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Table 1 – Caption (Times New Roman, Italic, 10 pt, centered)

Figure 1 – Caption (Times New Roman, Italic, 10 pt, centered)

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Language: All papers must be in good English. Please proof read carefully your own paper. Mistakes cannot be changed later.

References should be in Harvard style.

** Please write your preference for oral or poster presentation and send your abstract to: helpdesk@gariteam.com

(Note! replace guidelines with your abstract)