Global Academic Research Institute (Pvt) Ltd was founded in 2010 with the purpose of becoming the leading conference organizer in Sri Lanka. We have organized several International Conferences all around the world. Even though we established recently, we were able to come to this position because of the spirit of our GARI conference team members and their creative and innovative ideas.




2  Pseudomonas fluorescensas the causative agent of blue coloration in fresh cheese

The aim of this paper was to identify the source of microbiological contamination and the bacteriological cause of a unique spoilage pattern, characterized by a distinct blue discoloration of fresh cheese, which occurred in farm cheese from Gran Canaria (Canary Islands, Spain).

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Posted by Prof.Antonio Jose de Almeida Simoes Raposo
Best paper award for:Prof.Antonio Jose de Almeida Simoes Raposo Campus Universitario,


FibreReinforced Concrete (FRC) leads to improvements of both the strength and flexural toughnesscharacteristicsof concrete.In this investigation, theeffect of dramixsteel fibres on the compressivestrengthand flexuraltoughnessoffibrereinforced concrete wasstudiedbytargeting thecharacteristicsstrengthat7days.

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Posted by Mr. Ramesh Nayaka
Best paper award for:Mr. Ramesh Nayaka,Manipal University,